I would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to you. Your positivity and inspiration have helped me look at my life and started me on the journey to control my grief and carry on.
I will always remember you as a strong, positive, caring woman who I have been lucky to meet
— Susan
Thank you for making a difference
— David
Thank you for your expert help, you’ve changed my life for the better (and my marriage)
— Sharon
Thank you Alison for your kindness, understanding and wisdom. Thank you for giving me hope - that things can improve (for me!).
— Vanessa
At what is a very emotional and difficult time, Alison really listened to me and helped me to see a way forward. Thank you!
— Chris
My time with Alison has been very focused, she was able to gather up my incomprehensible ‘mumblings’ and help me find a way through. Huge thanks.
— SL
Great listening, understanding, non-judgemental approach. I felt listened to. Thank you
— Andrew
This was a life-changing and enhancing experience. I was gently guided through a process to help myself. Alison has always been professional and respectful. Thank you.
— Natalie
Thank you Alison for being one of the most influential people in my life and my rock through the tough times. Your compassion & guidance has given me reason to respect and care for myself and not be so controlled by the past. I don’t think I will ever be able to thank you enough for this!
— Bev
Alison has been fantastic - polite, kind, and thoughtful and really been my rock these last few weeks. Her manner is exceptional and I know I am taking her wisdom and skills with me now as I venture into the next chapter of my life - believing in me!
Alison told me very early on that I will come out of this a much stronger person and she was so right!
Thank you for the privilege of working with such a beautiful person.
— Jackie
I have found Alison has helped me analyse the way I think and behave. I will use these tools in the future. I would recommend Alison to anyone.
— Claire
This poem was written by Bev and given to be as a gift when we finished working together.

This poem was written by Bev and given to be as a gift when we finished working together.